Scholarships - Domestic Students

Each year, Sheridan reserves a number of scholarships for graduates of Baptist Secondary Schools. Eligible graduates can apply to study any undergraduate and postgraduate degree offered by Sheridan without incurring a student debt. If eligible, you will only be asked to cover the cost of textbooks and field trips.

Sheridan has been established as a direct result of support received from members of the Baptist education community. Sheridan wishes to recognise this support and acknowledge the trust that families have placed in the Baptist network of schools and colleges over many years.

This offer is extended to staff of Australian Baptist Education (ABE) schools and Year 12 graduates of any Baptist secondary school, past or present, in Western Australia

Please see below for eligible schools

Australian Baptist Education schools (staff and student scholarships)

Eligible non-ABE schools (student scholarships)

Carey Baptist College
Emmanuel Christian Community School
Fremantle Christian College
Goldfields Baptist College
Kennedy Baptist College
South Coast Baptist College

Sheridan graduates will be...

  • Lovers of Truth
  • Seekers of Wisdom
  • Innovative Thinkers
  • Effective Communicators
  • Independent Learners
  • Servant Leaders


TEQSA Provider ID: PRV14012
CRICOS Provider Number: 03391M
ABN: 22 506 508 071

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