pathways to University

Students have the option of enrolling in a 1-year diploma at Sheridan College, and completing their Bachelor degree at selected universities and higher education institutions in Australia.

Students choosing this pathway will be granted credit for studies completed at Sheridan College.

Sheridan College has formal pathway agreements for its diploma graduates to Bachelor degrees at the following higher education institutions:

Murdoch University
Curtin University
Alphacrucis College
Avondale College
Christian Heritage College



Murdoch University is Western Australia's second oldest university. There are more than 22,000 students at Murdoch University, including 2,000 overseas students at the South Street campus, and another 8,000 studying at Murdoch's offshore campuses in Singapore and Dubai.

A standard unit at Murdoch University is worth 3 credit points. A 3-year Bachelor degree at Murdoch University requires 72 credit points.

Pathway students to Murdoch University will also need to satisfy the minimum language requirement set by the University.



Curtin University is Western Australia's largest university, and has Australia's third-largest international student population. Curtin University's main campus is in Bentley, WA. However, the university also delivers courses in the Perth CBD, in Margaret River, in Kalgoorlie, and at offshore campuses in Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

A standard unit at Curtin University is worth 25 credit points. A 3-year Bachelor degree at Curtin University requires 600 credit points.

Pathway students to Curtin University will also need to provide separate evidence that they meet Curtin University's English requirement.



Alphacrucis College is a Christian higher education institution and is the official training college of Australian Christian Churches, the Assemblies of God in Australia. The College's main campus is in Parramatta (NSW), and there are a number of smaller campuses around Australia.

A standard unit at Alphacrucis College is worth 10 credit points. A 3-year Bachelor degree at Alphacrucis requires 240 credit points.



Avondale College is a not-for-profit private higher education provider established by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in 1897. The College has two campuses in NSW - Lake Macquarie and North Sydney.

A standard unit at Avondale College is worth 6 credit points. A 3-year Bachelor degree at Avondale College requires 144 credit points.

Sheridan College Diploma of Arts graduates will be granted up to 48 credit points towards the Avondale College Bachelor of Arts, subject to their major/minor choices and at the discretion of the BA Course Convenor.



Christian Heritage College is an accredited private higher education provider founded in 1986 by the Christian Outreach Centre Australia. The College campus is located in Carindale, Brisbane.

A standard unit at Christian Heritage College is worth 10 credit points. A 3-year Bachelor degree at Christian Heritage College requires 240 credit points.

Christian Heritage Colleges offers credit for Sheridan College diploma graduates into the CHC Bachelor of Education: Secondary and the Bachelor of Business. The amount of credit granted depends upon the student's chosen specialisation or major.