Graduate Certificate of Business Administration


Why enrol in the Graduate Certificate of Business Administration?

Sheridan College's Graduate Certificate of Business Administration (GradCertBA) provides education in business administration grounded in the Christian moral framework. In the Sheridan College business programs, ethics are not an add-on or a sidebar to the study of business administration, but a natural, seamless theme through the whole program, flowing out of a worldview that upholds the dignity of human beings and our social responsibilities to one another. Sheridan College’s GradCertBA program celebrates innovation, creativity, entrepreneurialism, and opportunity, all of which add value to society and reflect part of our design and purpose on the earth. Sheridan College believes that GradCertBA graduates with their personal integrity based on a coherent moral worldview will be in demand in a time when business misconduct continues to make headlines.


Course Structure

The College's GradCertBA is a 6-month program and comprises four (4) units taken across 1-2 trimesters.

The course comprises the following units:


The Graduate Certificate of Business Administration is available to both domestic students and international students (CRICOS Code: 093569D).


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